What Is Scientific Glass?

High Quality Scientific Glass Water Pipes

What is Scientific Glass and What Makes It Stand Out?

What is Scientific Glass?

Quite simply, scientific glass is a term used to describe any borosilicate piece that uses water and has multiple holes in the percolator.  It’s name reminds users of laboratory equipment because of it’s clear or semi colored glass.  Scientific glass beaker bases, straight tubes, and more make smoking seem more like a science form.Scientific glass is meant to better your smoking experience, by figuring out percolators and techniques that cool, filter, and remove toxins from smoke.


What qualifies as Scientific Glass?

Our standard for scientific glass extends beyond the regular definition.  Here at SmokeCartel, we stock only what we consider the highest quality scientific glass.  Our selection of scientific glass contains the most advance percolation techniques and glass forming styles. When we purchase glass for our customers, we try to select pieces that we would feel comfortable having. We hold ourselves to a high quality standard, and try our best to work with people that we truly believe in as glass artists and glassblowers.


What is the difference between scientific glass and heady glass?

Heady is basically the use of advanced glassblowing techniques for a more visual effect. These techniques can be used together or individually and include; color, sculpting, accents, marbles, millies, facets, fuming, sandblasting, electroforming, and more.  Heady pieces are individualized and extremely unique and visually striking in their color, etc.  Scientific glass is a much cleaner, sleek look.  Most of the time, the use of color on scientific glass, and instead aims for a clearer, more refined laboratory look.


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